Using Organic Fertilizer On Your Garden

If you have decided to go organic, one of the places to start is your own garden. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, you can easily use organic substances to both prepare the soil and nourish the plants after they have begun to sprout. As a beginner, you may want to start small and then expand your organic efforts. All you need is a little patience and some hard work.


Creating your own compost pile is not complicated, especially if you remember to alternate brown with green substances and a little soil. To begin, place a layer of dead leaves, cornstalks, or straw on the ground. On top of that, add grass clippings and the peels of fruits and vegetables. Shovel a layer of garden soil on that and then add enough water to make all the layers moist. Continue until your pile is approximately three feet high. Every few weeks, you will need to turn over the materials with a shovel. Eventually, the pile will turn into black, nutrient-rich material that will help your garden thrive. Composting will also reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills.


The right kind of manure can lead to a healthy harvest of vegetables each year. However, you need to follow a process before adding manure to your garden. First, use only herbivore manure: manure from cows, horses, and chickens. Never use manure from your dogs or cats. If you have access to human waste, do not use it either. The herbivore manure needs to be placed in your compost pile first for at least nine months so that the smell will dissipate and the manure will not burn your plants. You may initially be reluctant to rely on manure, but it is a time-tested and safe natural fertilizer.

Store-Bought Organics

If you want to fertilize organically but really do not want to deal with creating your own, you can buy organics online or at nurseries. These products can be a bit pricey, but they let you grow your own food without worrying about harmful chemicals. For more information, contact local professionals like Nature Safe.

You can grow your own foods naturally by using organic fertilizer. Getting your hands dirty in this way can break forth bountiful vegetable yields that won't cause you and your family to consume unnecessary chemicals. You will most likely prefer the taste of these organically grown tomatoes, corn, and green beans as well. If you get started now, you will have plenty of natural fertilizer ready for next spring's planting.