Drought Turning Your New Lawn Brown? 4 Ways yo Make Your Lawn Drought Resistent

If you live in one of the drought-plagued areas of the United States, you're probably trying to figure out what to do with the new fescue sod you just planted in your yard. Before you waste money and have it removed, you should know that there are some simple ways to conserve water and preserve your lawn.

Reduce the Area

If you've decided to remove the lawn in order to conserve water, you might want to consider just reducing the area of your grass. Instead of removing all your grass, simply remove a portion of it and plant drought resistant plants throughout your yard. You'll be able to keep your home looking well-manicured, while still doing your part to conserve valuable water.

Aerate the Lawn

Most of the water that goes onto your lawn is lost to evaporation, especially if your soil is not properly aerated. When soil is too dense to allow for proper absorption, the water stays on the surface of your lawn.  By aerating your lawn, the water is able to absorb into the soil, which means you'll need less water to keep your lawn healthy.

The easiest way to aerate your lawn is to use a pair of baseball cleats or golf shoes. Put your shoes on and walk around on your lawn. Walk in vertical and horizontal lines across the entire lawn. The spikes on the bottom of your shoes will place hundreds of tiny holes in the soil. Do this once a week to keep your lawn properly aerated.

Adjust Your Mower

Longer grass stays moist longer. When you keep your lawn longer, the longer blades keep the lower portions of the blades shaded from the harsh sunlight. Adjust the blades on your lawnmower so that your grass is kept about 3" long. Your grass will still pass HOA inspections, but you won't need to use as much water to keep it green.

Leave the Clippings

A good layer of mulch will help retain the moisture that keeps your lawn healthy. You don't have to spend a lot of money to purchase mulch. All you have to do is leave the grass clippings each time you mow the lawn. Your grass will stay moist and you won't have to rake your lawn.

There's a drought going on but that doesn't mean you have to tear out your grass. These simple tips will help you keep your grass green without a lot of water. For more ideas on how to keep your fescue sod alive, visit sites like https://californiasodcenter.com/.